“Beyond the ideas of good and bad there is a field. I will meet you there.”
Jalal al-Din Rumi

For me, the LIP takes place in this field, with the force of the present moment, of the powerful “now”. This is the place where you understand the misunderstandings between different parts of yourself, where the one who “does” is accepted by the one who “accepts” what has been done. With LIP you can understand the whole picture without leaving the frame and you understand that you are rooted in your own potential energy,.. Read More…

Jan Dubravcik
Antonela DrancaTimisoara, Romania

Today was a magic day – my epiphany day. After a morning during which I was still a Kid and I tried to force my mind to look for answers, I left everything and came back to the present moment. The Adult in me came to life and the answers just came pouring to me from inside and from other places and connections I have never seen before because I have passed them by like a blind person under the sunlight. Thank you!

LuminitaBucharest, Romania

Jan has been so inspired in leading the whole process, he has so much intuition to ask the right questions and to help your truth come out, about what you need to solve and to live, and so much tact into making you feel free and without inhibitions, safe, not judged. And the fact that he told me directly to go to a drawing class when I have never told anyone about my artistic passions or that I did sign up for a drawing course – this gave me goosebumps and made me so enthusiastic because this was what my child wanted from me, the same child that until that moment didn’t want to hear from me. And then the child changed totally, she rejoiced and she believed I loved her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

DanielaTimisoara, Romania

To me it’s clear, LIP is not just about becoming conscious of what is deeply buried in unconscious, but it also empowers you greatly through the connection with yourself. I could barely keep up with the extraordinary force that awakened inside me, it woke me up to life and it kept working a few days after the process until these energies settled down. The fact that I saw what shields I had built around me and how I was protecting myself from life and from people and that I found the courage in connecting with myself to gently dissolve them was transforming for me. I am grateful for everything. Thank you!

CorinaBucharest, Romania

I feel that this process was life changing for me. Having the support of Jan and of everyone taking part in my LIP I realized where my suffering comes from and I accepted it. I was put on my path and I feel I will evolve to whatever is meant for me to experience in this life. I see life with different eyes and I truly understand my choice to live this life. I received the answers to all the frustrations and the pains that were haunting me once I let go of control during the process. I feel like my soul has come back to totality and I feel an understanding towards everything that surrounds me. I thank you with my whole soul

Jan Dubravcik
Alexandra DumitricaBucharest, Romania

Here’s how the Universe arranges things so beautifully… and all we have to do is to be present and to pay attention to what goes on around us. It was one of the most important and powerful experiences of my life. I saw with my own eyes the truth, I saw with my own eyes the change, the wholeness, the joy to feel my own Self and, the most important, the joy of helping that inner child that was almost kneeled down to get up…it was me, I recognized myself… That child needed this from me I had no idea… I am grateful to the Universe for everything I experienced

Corina TrifulescuBucharest, Romania

To me, LIP was the first therapy that made me look at myself, the one I’ve been running away from for a very long time, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. So it was not about the environment, about what happened in my exterior, but about myself, and implicitly about taking responsibility. LIP made me recover lost parts of my soul. And the same LIP amazed me with the contradiction between the simplicity and naturalness of the method and at the same time its complexity and force.
After the LIP you can’t be the same person because.. Read More…

Jan Dubravcik
Simona StioiuTimisoara, Romania

It was some kind of a magic, a unique experience, one of those that it is so hard to express in words. The energy that was created during the process was so powerful. I had the picture of my biggest soul pain in the first few minutes. And so much clarity. I thought that I’ve healed it before but it was a mental illusion. There I felt it, it was still there. I couldn’t have hide it anymore. I felt the resistance and then a lot of tears of releasing came out and a big stone from my shoulders fell down. I accepted what happened with all my being. After the process I felt like it was a dream and I was confused. Then I realized.. Read More…

Jan Dubravcik
Roxana DavidovBrasov, Romania

It seems that words are very fragile to describe such a deep process. For me it was a direct meeting with the truth. It’s like you are put under a huge lens and you can see exactly where you are now in your life. It’s just you with yourself, nobody else, just you in your present life. Any comparison, explanation or confusion disappears because there is nothing left except reality without any intermediates. You can start breathing for real

Jan Dubravcik
Delia OrmanBucharest, Romania

This was an experience following the path of my soul, meaning simply – speaking to our inner spirit and not to our mind. I found joy in feeling the group holding the space for the ones in the middle; in feeling Jan, a wonderful channel focused on staying aware and keeping himself out, so that the message could reach us in its true key, being there for us. I also found joy in me, having the courage to jump deep, trusting and not knowing whether I could come out at the surface again. When I dived, acting in somebody’s constellation, or acting in my own, nothing else mattered. And things moved

Jan Dubravcik
Luminita TanasieBucharest, Romania